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Artesian Wells Sports Tavern  -  U.S. 12 & U.S. 127  -  Cement City, MI 49203  517-547-8777
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am to 10pm  - Friday and Saturday 11am to 12am

An Artesian Well is created by water that has traveled through porous rock from a higher elevation.  Such layers of porous rock, like limestone and standstone, are called “aquifers”.   Aquifers provide a natural filter that cleans the water as is passes through.   The pressure between these aquifers pushes water to spring up from the ground  There are four such wells that flow on the Tavern property, giving it it’s namesake: The Artesian Wells Sports Tavern.

From the early 1800’s through the 1900’s, many travelers stopped at this corner to     refresh themselves and their horses during their journey on the “Old Chicago Trail” (US-12).

By 1920,  traffic from carriages and newly developed automobiles increased.   The    Herold family constructed the “Artesian Wells Lunch Room”, to provide travelers with a bite to eat as well as a little refreshment.

   In the 1930’s, the Herold family converted the Lunch Room to the “Artesian Wells      Grill & Tavern” as it was awarded one of the first tavern licenses issued after the end of Prohibition.

After the Herold family sold the tavern, a number of owners continued to operate the “refreshment center” on this property over the next 50 years as the Artesian Wells    Tavern. It served as the neighborhood bar and continued to welcome travelers and locals alike.

In 2000, the property was purchased by the Petitto family and the original building was demolished, but not the tradition of the “refreshment center”.

In 2001, the Artesian Wells Sports Tavern was constructed and opened for business.  The Petittos envisioned a place for the residents on the lakes, neighbors and travelers alike to enjoy friends, family, sports, food and fun.

 Today… people simply say, “Meet me at The Wells.”